Past Events

Here you can find pictures and write up’s of our past events !

On Saturday 20th June Papa Roro, featuring Birdingbury’s own Patrick Unwin entertained a large crowd with a mix of classic covers and melodic originals! Thanks for a great night guys !image3

Thank you all who attended the New Year’s Eve party. It has been talked about as being ‘amazing’ and this couldn’t have been archived without the support given. We are still in the process of working out how much we have raised for charity but will be done very shortly! Thank you once again Happy new year! 7743_384403725030049_236984293_n 15095_384403451696743_1873120051_n 58160_384403875030034_107771505_n 64580_384403441696744_1014012653_n 943324_384403608363394_2120094962_n 994125_384403508363404_1243136951_n 995306_384404011696687_1634157099_n 999956_384403538363401_1838650830_n 1010771_384403755030046_1544660271_n 1010809_384404158363339_1230669145_n 1013226_384403505030071_1332480760_n 1184853_384403661696722_1057515224_n 1186704_384403588363396_1856917140_n 1508043_384403471696741_1561360926_n 1511796_384404135030008_878719856_n 1521521_384404098363345_1833219818_n 1521721_384404078363347_1900863800_n 1526149_384404258363329_427983683_n 1527122_384403871696701_1710616117_n 1528724_384403741696714_1147450340_n 1533835_384403831696705_958191655_n 1533948_384403878363367_193236111_n 1535460_384403675030054_139933284_n 1545098_384404051696683_683243635_n 1551658_384403561696732_528234623_n 1555407_384403961696692_1452282684_n 1560572_384403418363413_392472514_n 1601534_384403938363361_1404570115_n 1606899_384404238363331_1325307830_n 1609666_384403811696707_875713842_n

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